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  • Chairperson - Mrs. Stanislava Ivanova

    Mrs. Stanislava Ivanova was born in 08.11.1979. She is currently working and living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, UNWE.

    Working Languages: Bulgarian, English, German

    Work experience:

    Around 10 years of working experience in various branches of industry, for example:

    • Advertisement specialist in Industrial Magazine;
    • Automation and Engineering company economist;
    • Inside sales of spare parts and metal working machines (CNC machines – lathes, mills, horizontals);
    • Business coordinator Service Department in Sheet Metal Machines and Special Machines Division in Bulgarian trade company for Industrial Equipment;
    • Accountant and Business coordinator in a company, producer of Tooling equipment and a representative of EDM machines;
    • Expert and consultant in Competence Center METAL, Technology Center Sofia.
  • Deputy - Chairman – Mr. Georgi Rangelov

    Mr. Georgi Rangelov was born in 09.08.1960. He is currently working and living in Pernik, Bulgaria. Graduated at Technical University Sofia in 1986. Expert in metals machining, with an extended range of knowledge in the field of metalworking, plastic processing and heat treatment of ferrous metals.

    Work experience:

    • Around 15 years of working experience at Heavy Machinery Plant in Radomir as a CNC programmer and afterwards Head of Constructive and Technology Department;
    • Head of Production Preparation Department at LEKO Co. JSC;
    • Head of Commerce and Technology Department at SAMART-58 Ltd
  • Deputy - Chairman – Mr. Rumen Tsintsarov

    Mr. Rumen Tsintsarov was born in 20.01.1965. He is currently working and living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    Work experience:

    • More than 20 years of working experience in tooling equipment and non-standard installations.
    • Owner of RT-Plus Ltd - specialized in making a press molds for direct pressing, casting of aluminum smelts under pressure, molds for casting tzam, injection molds and hot-runner systems, stamps, multi-step dies, blast molds, vacuum molds for drying the products.