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International market in the field of green technology and engineering requires more efficiency, innovation, optimized costs and good advertising. Considering the development of the Bulgarian economy in the past twenty years, we can say that the Bulgarian companies, especially SMEs, could hardly achieve these requirements. On the other hand the Bulgarian market is insufficient for the development of long-term business relations and the companies need foreign orders. To be competitive, they need fresh investment to optimize operations, implementation of appropriate promotional activities and active selling policy. Most of the companies are unable to provide sufficient funds for all these activities. Meanwhile the local companies often face difficulties in dealing with foreign companies, based on a different approach and way of working, as well as differences in expectations.

Considering this situation Cluster "Green Technology and Mechanical Engineering" was established by various enterprises in the metalworking and mechanical engineering and service providers that use collaborative networking and cooperating in various spheres of activity. Essential basis for the development of the association is the network of contacts with companies and business organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the involvement of German specialists with extensive experience in the enterprises development, establishment of business networks, production efficiency improvement, marketing and sales. We work also with Bulgarian experts in financing, development of business strategies, legal consulting, preparation of complete project documentation and application, professional marketing presentation and others. Using this experience, the association works to achieve the following objectives:


  • Attracting foreign investments for the Bulgarian companies;
  • Collaboration between the business and the scientific sector;
  • Collaboration with national and international cluster structures;
  • Improved performance of the Bulgarian companies on the International market;
  • Improving production quality and efficiency of the Bulgarian enterprises;
  • Collaboration between members of the association;